Taiwan Cheng Sheng is fully equipped with precision testing instruments to analyze the physical and chemical properties of our castings as part of quality control procedures. We periodically calibrate instruments, and all our casting products are subject to documented control and follow up to ensure consistent quality. We also provide highly reliable testing rods that extract product samples to provide customers for their own inspection and analysis.


Growth at Taiwan Cheng Sheng is based on quality excellence. Our manufacturing system is dictated by strict adherence to ISO-9001 International Quality Certification guidelines practiced in our daily production routines.


Since Taiwan Cheng Sheng was established we have remained devoted to improving the quality of cast irons. Therefore we have adopted technology from Meehanite USA. Taiwan Cheng Sheng produces high quality Meehanite Cast Iron, Grey Cast Iron and Ductile Cast Iron. By combining some of the world’s top engineers with superior manufacturing and the best testing equipment available, Taiwan Cheng Sheng promises to deliver ever higher quality products that fully comply with Meehanite standards.

No.12, Jhongsiao Rd., Sinying City, Tainan City 730, Taiwan
TEL:886-6-6526105-7 FAX:886-6-6522908 http://www.tcsfoundry.com E-mail:tcs@tcsfoundry.com

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